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New legal website information:

The website Juristique is a new site of news and legal information.

Specialized in the fields of social and commercial law, taxation, real estate, it delivers relevant information and provides individuals and professionals with a set of tools, information and document templates that can be used immediately with a simple “Copy & Paste”.

The proposed document templates are all customizable with fields provided for this purpose. If necessary, they refer to the applicable laws and the legal context. The documents proposed on the site are only an aid. They do not necessarily constitute the solution adapted to your situation. If in doubt, we invite you to contact legal professionals who will be able to best meet your needs.

The website also provides the history and the latest values of the main economic indices : Cnaps Codes, Swift codes and index. For example: Syntec 2021 Index – all values from 2013 to 2021.

All documents and information are freely available. The main sections of the website are the following:

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